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50 Easy-to-Implement Controls to Strengthen Your Security

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SBS CyberSecurity’s Network Security department performs hundreds of penetration tests and social engineering assessments each year. SBS has had the pleasure of working with organizations of all sizes across a wide range of industries. Most organizations, especially ones that have not been rigorously tested, may have a secure network perimeter, but their people and internal security posture are often very lax. Typically, once we have even a small foothold into that type of organization, it is a fairly effortless process to pivot across the network until some level of administrative access is obtained (usually Domain Administrator credentials). The good news is that there are many easy-to-implement controls that make this type of activity more difficult. 

This checklist is not comprehensive, and some controls may not be applicable for all environments. However, any of these controls that you implement will provide you with a greater level of security and make our Penetration Testers and actual attacker’s lives more difficult. Included in this checklist is information on: 
• External Network Perimeter 
• Social Engineering 
• Email/Spam Filtering 
• Internal Network Security 
• Wireless Security

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